Chinese zodiac

Chinese zodiac
Chinese zodiac

Chinese zodiac  

This article is about the Chinese zodiac and related stories. This is a wonderful article. You should read it.

The Chinese zodiac is a cycle that repeats every 12 years.  Here every year is represented by an animal with glorious qualities.

Evidence for the origin of the Chinese zodiac dates back to the Zhan Gao period (around the 5th century BC), but no one knows when it originated.

The Chinese zodiac was officially identified around 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 9 AD).

There are many myths to explain the order of the 12 animals in the beginning and the cycle.

The first.

The day was divided into 12 periods of 24 hours and 2 hours each, and the relevant animal was replaced according to the activity of the animals.

                      Mice  23:00 – 00:59 (Mice are most active during foraging)

                      Cow 1:00 – 02:59 (The time when cows slowly and comfortably feed their calves)

      Tiger  03:00 – 04:59 (The time when the tiger hunts its prey and shows its cruelty)

                      Rabbit 05:00 – 06:59 (Busy time to get herbal medicine on the rabbit moon)

                       Dragon  07:00 – 08:59 (The time when dragons fly in the sky to give rain)

                      The Snake 09:00 – 10:59 (Snake leaving its

                       Horse 11:00 – 12:59 (Horses stand still while other animals lie down to rest during this time when the sun is high)

                     Goat:00 13:00 – 14:59 (Goats often urinate on grass)

                      Monkey :00 15:00 – 16:59 (Monkeys are alive)

                       Rooster  17:00 – 18:59 (The time when the roosters begin to return to their habitats )

                        Dog  19:00 – 20:59 (Dogs do their home guard duty)

                        Pigs 21:00 – 22:59 (pigs sleeping time)

                       Also another myth is the story of the great rival of the Jade Emperor.

                      Emperor Jade ordered that the year be named in the calendar for the animals he raised. Here the animals had to cross a river to get their name on the calendar.

                    Although the cat and the mouse were unable to swim, they wisely chose to leave the cow as the best and fastest way to cross the river. The cow was kind and childish and agreed to the request. As the cow was about to cross the river, the rat pushed the cat into the water, jumped out of the cow, and went to Emperor Jade, who became the first animal in the zodiac.

Also, the cow came in second.

                   Strong and powerful, the Tigers finished third. The reason for this is that streams push it down.

                    The rabbit, who finished fourth, said he had jumped from rock to rock, slipped on one rock and skipped the race. But the rabbit found a log. The rabbit grabbed it tightly. It was later washed ashore, so the rabbit finished fourth.

                   The dragon, a fast-flying creature, finished fifth. He explained to the Jade Emperor that the villagers had stopped him and asked for rain on the way. He has accomplished that.

The rabbit was seen hanging from a log.  The helpless rabbit sighed so that it could land on the shore.

                  When the horse saw the serpent lurking on its hind legs, it trembled and fell backwards. So the serpent came in sixth and the horse in seventh.

                  After a while, the goat, the monkey and the rooster managed to cross the river in unison

The Jade Emperor was pleased with these group activities. The goat was named the eighth animal, followed by the monkey and the rooster.

                 The dog, a good swimmer, took eleventh place in the zodiac because he took the time to play in the water.

                 The pig came in twelfth in the competition.  He explained to the Jade Emperor that he felt hungry in the middle of the match, stopped and ate something, and then fell asleep.

                The cat failed to stay in the zodiac due to drowning.  Because of this, cats are always said to hunt mice and dislike water.

There are lucky and unlucky things in this zodiac.  Many people consider it unfortunate that a goat is born in a year in the zodiac.

 Also, the most popular zodiac sign is. Also, the most popular zodiac sign is Capricorn. The number of births in China during the Capricorn years is high.  The five most lucky popular zodiac signs are Dragon, Snake, Pig, Mice and Tiger.

In Chinese astrology, these animal signs are associated with various traits. The Chinese believe that a person born in a certain year has the personality of that animal.

The Chinese use the lunar new year as the beginning of the zodiac. In astrology, the beginning of spring or the solar new year is used as the beginning of the zodiac.

The Chinese people are also tempted to wear jewellery such as lucky necklaces related to the zodiac.

Ben ming nian is the zodiac sign corresponding to the year of his birth.  Every 12 years, they find the zodiac sign corresponding to their year of birth.

According to Chinese astrology, a person who is in a year with a zodiac sign corresponding to the year of his birth is unlucky that year.

 Wearing red can protect you from evil spirits in your zodiac and bring good luck.

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