The Eight Immortals – Bā Xiān

The Eight Immortals - Bā Xiān
The Eight Immortals - Bā Xiān

According to Chinese mythology, The Baxian, or Eight Immortals, is a group of heroes who fought for justice and against evil.

These eight were most popular during the Tang (Tang) and Shang (Shang) dynasties. They inhabited the five islands in the Bohai Sea.  They are well-known figures in Chinese folklore but were first recorded by the Ming poet Wu Yuantai.

The names of these eight immortals are as follows.

Cao Guojiu

Han xiangqi

He Xiangu

Lan Caihe

Li Tieguai

Lu Dongbin

Zhang Guo Lao

Zhongli Han

He Xiangu

She was the only woman in the group.  These eight had their own spiritual strengths.  These are very special characters mentioned in Taoism.

 The Baxian

The name is made up of the vowel bā, meaning eight, and the vowel xiān meaning immortal. They are also known as the ‘Eight Bhairavas.’

These eight immortals are also depicted in Chinese art.  Although the eight are individually framed, most of them are collective paintings of the eight.The most famous of these eight murals can be seen in the Eternal Joy Temple in Ruicheng, China.

                 Some of these eight immortals are said to be related to powerful royals and poets of the past.

According to mythology, they lived on Penglai, a beautiful island in the middle of the Boshan Sea.

They were the only ones who could enter the island. The water around the island is very thin.

Even today, these eight immortals can be seen in contemporary Chinese art, literature, and modern art.

They are not worshiped like other people mentioned in Chinese mythology. But people respect them as well-known figures in folklore.

Below are some of the sources that mention them today.

     Drunken master – The Jackie chan movie

     Jakie Chan Adventures animated series

     X Men universe

     The immortal iron fist – Marvel comic book

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