Symbols of good luck in Chinese culture

Symbols of good luck in Chinese culture

According to Chinese culture, there are many symbols that bring good luck. They can be easily seen in everyday life.

These are of special importance during the Chinese New Year season.

The following are some of the common symbols used to bring good luck.

At the gift exchange

In decoration


The orange color of the orange looks like the sun. It is in line with the Yan principle. Therefore, they are considered as a symbol of fertility and happiness. During the Chinese New Year, pots with orange plants are used for home decoration.

It is also customary for children to place an orange and red envelope next to their pillows.

2.Pomelos (citrus species).  –

The Chinese believe that this will bring good luck to the residents.

It is common practice to decorate a house with a single or pomelo pair, but they think a pair is better than a single pomelo.  There is a belief in them that “all good things come in two forms.”

3.Grapes, raisins, jujubes.

They symbolize good fortune, wealth, prosperity, and fertility. It is customary to use these in cooking for rituals in Buddhist temples.


During the Chinese New Year season, a variety of colorful orchids can be found on the market.  These symbolize fertility, fertility, and many children. Orchids symbolize politeness, luxury, and innocence (innocence).

5.Peach flowers.

It is a sacred plant in China.

Peach flowers are kept in beautifully decorated precious pots, symbolizing longevity, love, prosperity, and development.  Peaches are very popular among single teenagers.


This is a beautiful flower that shows feminine beauty, innocence, love, and charm.  This is also known as the “flower of wealth and honor.”

It is said that the flower of red phoenies, in particular, brings the best results.

7. Pussy willow.

Willows are buds. These are signs of growth.  It represents the attainment of prosperity.

8. Fish.

The word fish in Chinese means the same as excess.  The Chinese tend to get a surplus at the end of the year.  They think that if they can save something at the end of the year, they can do more next year. So they believe that eating fish will increase prosperity.


According to Chinese mythology, the more you eat dumplings, the more money you can make in the New Year.

At the spring festival, the Chinese do not eat Chinese cabbage dumplings.  It signifies a poor and difficult future.  Instead, eat dumplings with cabbage and radish.  It represents one’s equality, and they believe that one’s mood will be softened.

10.Glutinous rice cake.

In Chinese, it means “increasing year by year.”

This means that one’s life or business is improving to a higher level.

11.Chinese knot.

This symbolizes luck, a prosperous life.  Red Chinese knots can cast out evil spirits and bring good luck to a marriage.


It symbolizes longevity, strength, and virtue.

It is said that a person should open his heart to accept anything as empty inside a bamboo. The Chinese also believe that one should not be arrogant or prejudiced.

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