Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts –

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China has a large number of combat systems that have developed over the centuries.

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Imitation of animals

Old Chinese scenes


Imitations or training methods adapted from folklore

Qi in Chinese martial arts is a pseudo-scientific concept that has not really been proven. The word Qi can be used to define ‘material energy,’ ‘life force,’ or ‘energy flow.’

External exercise is,

Qi manipulation is, as an internal physical exercise, a focus on improving muscle and heart fitness.

The name Cantonese is used to describe Chinese martial arts in English, and the Mandarin words kung fu and Wushu are used.

Kung Fu in Chinese means any skill gained through learning or training.

Wushu is a martial art.  The current sport of Wushu derives its name from the word ‘Wushu’.

Chinese martial arts began with self-defense, hunting techniques, and the need for military training.

Chinese martial arts, both internally and externally,

It can also be classified as North and South.

North Chinese martial arts have fast and powerful blows as well as fast movements.

South Chinese martial arts have strong handicrafts, steady, stationary, and fast kicks.

Basic training in Chinese martial arts involves exercises such as meditation, striking, throwing or jumping. Strong, flexible muscles, as well as Qi or breath management, are required so that progress can be made in Chinese martial arts.

People who practice Chinese martial arts must do something before getting weapons training. That is to become experts in training with models and applications.

 Kung Fu is a martial art, but it is known as an art that stands for good and peace instead of violence.

Today, kung fu martial arts have become a large system of various denominations.

The most powerful and prominent of these sects are listed below.

                         Shaolin Martial Arts

                         Wudang Martial Arts

                         Emei Martial Arts

                         Tai Chi

                         Form / Intention Boxing

                         Eight – Diagram Plam

                         Southern Fist


 Kung fu films based on Chinese martial arts began to gain popularity around the 1970s.

Below are some of the films that were made in this manner.

                         Way of the Dragon

                         Shaolin temple

                         IP Man

                         Fists of Fury

 Nowadays, various novels are written under the influence of Chinese martial arts.

 The novels or TV series that are created in this way can be called wuxia and xianxia.

 Wuxia are war heroes. These are based on the fiction of the martial arts of ancient China.  These creations are based on common themes such as courage, tragedy, revenge and love.

 The following are some of the TV series created under the Wuxia theme.

                         Joy of life

                         Nirvana in Fire

                         Princess Agents

                         Word of Honor

                         Legend of Fei

Xianxia is immortal hero.

Xianxia type stories show Chinese mythology, Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine, folklore or immortality.

The specialty of these is that there are so-called ‘cultivators’ with special powers.

Following are the TV series created under the Xianxia theme.

                       Eternal Love

                       The legend of White Snake

                       Ice Fantasy

                       The Untamed

                       Ashes of Love

Also, Xianxia conversations are much more imaginative than Wuxia-type conversations.

 Following are some of the video games currently created based on Chinese martial arts.

                       The legend of sword and fairy

                       Xuan – Yuan sword

                      Jade Empire

                      Kingdom of Paradise

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