Chinese food

Chinese food
Chinese food

China is one of the fascinating countries. Chinese traditional food is famous for its aroma, taste, meaning, and appearance.

Chinese Cuisine BC  Beginning in the first century.The oldest noodle food is more than four thousand years old. Archaeological finds have been made about it. With that, the history of cooking began.

History During the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 BC), food was produced from a variety of grains.  South China was famous for rice and the North China Plain for flour products.

During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), tea drinking became very popular in aristocratic societies.  It also symbolizes the balance of wealth and health.

During the Yuan Dynasty, China used foreign food raw materials and food processing methods.  Foreign influence on food flourished during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

In modern China, they make various foods using rice, noodles, wheat, soybeans, herbs, spices, and vegetables.

The daily diet of the Chinese is grain, vegetables, fruits, and meat.  The Chinese do not consume large quantities of dairy products. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats.  They also eat preserved eggs, salted or dried fish.

Rarely eats frozen or canned food.  Western desserts are eaten at birthdays and weddings.  Also, fruit, red bean soup, and white lotus seed soup are usually served as desserts.

Here are some of the most popular dishes today, both among Chinese and foreigners

                      Hot Pot

                       Sichuan Pork


                      Sweet & sour Pork

                      Kung Pao Chicken

                      Ma Po Tofu

                       Spring Rolls

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