Beijing Opera

beijing opera
beijing opera

Beijing Opera

The Beijing Opera is another resource that we find in the study of China.  According to the world, it is a national resource. With a history of over 200 years, this art form was formerly known as the Peking opera.  The reason is that the capital of China is Peking.

Opera is an aesthetic art performed on stage with words singing and playing, as well as music.

Beijing Opera, beginning with the Qing Dynasty (1644), was fully developed and recognized by the middle of the 19th century.

It all started with the arrival of four opera groups in Beijing as Huban. 

There are four main characters in this drama.

Sheng- (male)

Dan- (young lady)

Jing- (Rough Men)

Chou- (joker)

Their colorful costumes can be pointed out as a big reason why Beijing Opera stands out around the world. These are very

beautiful.  Uses traditional Chinese designs.

Uses things like face coloring and shaving.

The content of the Beijing Opera is as follows.

Mystical stories about ancient rulers.

Important historical events.




Exceptionally talented.

Stories about the most beautiful women.

He condemned feudalism and capitalism in traditional Beijing opera.  Opera music is sweet.  They are pleasing to the listener’s ear.  The percussion instruments used here are in two parts.



Platform: –

This is a proscenium type platform (commonly used today, for example Tower Hall, Elphinstone, Lionel Went, Lotus Pond in Sri Lanka)

The audience stands on three sides.

Uses screens.

In the middle of the stage is a special device made of wood.  Actors enter the stage from both sides of the stage.

This is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular all over the world.

That is, it is recognized as an art medium for building friendship and cooperation among other countries in the world.

Beijing Opera is considered to be the highest medium of expression in Chinese culture.

When the Communist Party of China came to power in 1949, scenes that reflected the traditional features of the country were banned. But after 1978, the traditional Beijing opera was allowed to perform again.

Nowadays, Beijing Opera is one of the top performing arts, so the choir is divided into two parts.  A board represents the transfer. The movement is danceable.

There are two types of conversations.

1. Singing and dialogue

2. Normal conversations

Chinese opera is one of the most beautiful arts in the world.

See you in an article with more information about opera.

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