In China, the name of the lotus flower is.

In China, the name of the lotus flower is.
In China, the name of the lotus flower is.

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The lotus flower is a very important and revered symbol in China.  It also has many meanings in Chinese culture. For example, lotus flowers symbolize longevity and honor.  Not only that but they are also offered to the Buddha.

             The lotus flower also blooms in the middle of the mud, but it is a fragrant flower of beauty. Therefore, the lotus flower symbolizes purity in the heart.

                 Lotus flower is a very important theme in Chinese art.  We can see many poems, paintings, etc., related to lotus flowers in Chinese literature.

                 Also, according to the lunar calendar, June 24 is known as the Lotus Festival.  It is also known as the day of the birth of the lotus flower.

Lotus flower means fertility. Therefore, the lotus flower can be called a symbol of fertility.

Also, because of the beauty of the lotus flower, many Chinese poets liken the lotus flower to beautiful women and angels.

In ancient times, nobles and kings of China often preferred to build a lotus pond in their homes. This is stated in Chinese history.

Many parts of the Chinese lotus plant are eaten.

Lotus seeds – Can be eaten raw or in soup.

Lotus leaf – Used in cooking chicken.

And you already know that you can make delicious soups from lotus potatoes.

Below are the things that symbolize the parts of the lotus plant.

Lotus – Purity

Lotus flower – Enlightenment

Lotus seeds – children, prosperity

Lotus stem – the beginning of life

He Xian Gu is one of the eight immortals in China.

Lotus is also considered as one of his qualities.

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