Chinese gods

Chinese gods
Chinese gods

Today I am talking about the gods that the Chinese worshiped the most in the past.  So the former gods of this Chinese Church became a powerful group with different powers and different forms from each other.  But all these gods are considered to be superstitious beliefs.

Now let’s look at these gods one by one

1.Dragon King.

King Dragon is known as Longwang.  The Dragon King is a fierce and powerful Chinese god who controls the ocean, the weather, dragons, and sea creatures.  King Dragon had four brothers. These four brothers controlled major waterways in each province of China at the time. Legend has it that King Dragon also controlled these four brothers.

This dragon king is a terrible warrior. He pretends to be a powerful dragon.  At times he acted very impulsively and dangerously.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  The cult of the Dragon King is popular among the coastal peoples of China because of the connection between the Dragon King and the sea.

2.Jade Emperor (Emperor Jade)

One of the main characters mentioned in Chinese mythology.  Emperor Jade is the supreme ruler of heaven and is considered to be the first emperor of China.  He was powerful. He was best known for his qualities of kindness, justice, and mercy.  As the New Year dawns, it is believed that the Jade Emperor will punish or reward the deeds done by the people during the previous year.


Xiwangmu is the most powerful Goddess in the Chinese Church. She is also known as the Mother of God of the West.  She has the unique power to control death and life.  She is also the wife of Emperor Jade. She also cares for women.  She plays a key role in giving human emperors the mandate of heaven.


According to Chinese mythology, the pangu is an animal with horns and fur.  He is considered to be the first living thing to appear in the universe.  According to Chinese mythology, Pangu evolved from an egg to create the earth and the sky.  This animal is said to be closely related to the concept of yin and yang.


She is known as the most beautiful Goddess of the moon.  Her husband is Hou Yi. She stole a mortal nectar from him.  Performing her stories at autumn festivals has become a very popular feature nowadays.

6.Hou Yi.

In Chinese mythology, Hou Yi was the greatest archer of all time.  Legend has it that he pierced nine out of ten rivers and saved the planet.


She is known as the Goddess of courtesy.  Guanyin is a protagonist in many ancient and contemporary Chinese myths and legends.  She has the ability to listen to tragic events and lamentations around the world. She works to bring kindness, compassion, and relief to people.

In many stories about her, it is mentioned that her disciple Shankai was a very weak Indian boy and how this child was healed by Guanyin.

Her importance can still be seen in Chinese culture today.


According to Chinese mythology, nezha is a god of youth.  She is stubborn. Folklore speaks of her self-sacrifice and child-love.

9.Zhong Kui

He called the King of Ghosts.  Zhong Kui was originally a man who, due to his ugly appearance, became unjust and committed suicide.  He died and went to hell. A man named Yan Wang looked at him and recognized his potential as a ghost and demon hunter.  Since then, Zhong Kui has been dedicated to protecting mankind from evil spirits and ghosts.

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