The third wave of COVID Update Result

The third wave of COVID

Update results

Canada bans inland and outbound flights, with more than 4,000 patients per day.
Undercity curfew in New Delhi, India. Two and a half lakh new patients per day. More than a thousand deaths per day.
Saudi Arabia Some cities have been closed, curfews imposed and domestic and outside flights restricted.
Tanzania is completely blocked.
Brazil has fallen into a deadly chapter and today has more than 4,100 daily deaths.
Spain announces an extension of the state of emergency.
The United Kingdom has announced a one-month moratorium on foreign travel.
France locked for the third time since April 3rd.
Germany imposes strict travel laws from March 30.
Italy No city was included in the less spread yellow and white areas after the Covid outbreak marked more red and orange areas today.
Sri Lanka By underestimating the statistics, the people are kept in their dream worlds, and the politicians (other than Covid) who are waging their other political struggles are sleeping until the country is destroyed.
All of these countries/regions have proven that the third wave of COVID19 is more deadly than the first wave. Therefore, we must be very careful and take all precautions.

Be a warning communicator between friends and family.
Save everyone from the third wave.

History tells us that the third wave was more dangerous than the first and second waves, like the Spanish flu of 1917-1919. Millions died.
Do yourself and your safety.
Prioritize health care, reduce travel, stop unwanted travel, wear masks, maintain social distance, and wash your hands frequently.
Do not keep this information for yourself, share it with your family and friends.

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