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World’s Biggest Buddhist Temple

This is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition located in the Java Islands of Indonesia. Prince Cecilenda in 800 AD did this.  The height of the temple is 34.5 meters, and there are 504 Buddha statues and 2672 carved paintings. Four volcanoes surround Borobudur Shrine. It covers an area of ​​60000 square meters.

Old stupas in borobudur buddhist temple. mahayana buddhist temple ...

World’s Biggest Christian Church

The shrine was built on the tomb of Saint Peter the Vatican City of Rome. The architect Bumanki has completed the work in 1626. Its height is 43 feet.  Its length is 600 feet.  The width is 450 feet. It is situated on 4 acres of land.  It took 120 years to build.  There are many paintings by famous artists like Michael Angelo.  According to the Gothic tradition, statues of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the saint are found here.

How to See St. Peter's Tomb in Vatican City

The world’s largest mosque

It is the most sacred place for Muslims.  It is acknowledged that every Muslim should go on the Hajj pilgrimage at least once.  Hajj pilgrimage is made once a year.  Two million people enter this church at once. It was moving southward.  The sanctuary is cleansed with Persian rose water.  The building is shaped like a cube.  Its height is 13.1 meters.

World's Top Ten Largest Mosques.

The World’s Biggest Temple

The Angkor Church in Cambodia is located in the WAT area. According to archaeologists, it is the largest religious complex in the world. This was built in the early and mid 12th century. The region is considered one of the largest cities in the world before the Industrial Revolution.

AD Classics: Angkor Wat | ArchDaily

The world’s Highest Pagoda

For a flight attendant to Burma, the first sight is a sky-strewn sky.  It is the Shwedagon Pagoda.  Located in Rangoon, Burma, this stupa is 326 feet high and has a circumference of 1420 feet.  The pagoda Mall is made of a single garuda, and 64 stupas are 15 feet tall.  The Shwedagon pagoda is made of granite, gold, and diamond.  Burma is known as the world’s most rich country.

The world's tallest pagodas, stupas, and dagabas | Panethos

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