covid 19 coronavirus
covid 19 coronavirus

The virus is spreading in the United States, Italy, and England very badly , while China is able to control the disease. Then how do they control the Virus? A Chinese doctor published a news in the Beiging helthtime magazine mentioning how to control the disease.

The virus does not spread in the air. It is heavier than other viruses, so it falls to the ground. This does not pass through the air for more than 6 feet.
Therefore it is not transmitted by air. Stay at least 6 feet away from a crowd when you are outdoor.

Do not stand face to face in public transports.
In case of a cough or Sneeze , try to get away from the other person. This virus destroys with the heat. Therefore, when washing your hands with soap & hot water will destroy more germs. Wash your hands at least 7 times per day.

Scrub your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds before washing them. Use white colour CFL lights. And use red color soaps for washing your hands.

This is because white can negatively affect on the virus. Use a white handkerchief when sneezing or coughing. This prevents the virus from spreading to others.

So wash your hands with red soap imediately , when you return to your home .

If you use tissues please burn them after using. Then others will not get effected with the virus .Also use the dorsal side of your hands instead of fingers when rubbing or scratching your nose. The bacterial virus in the dorsal side of the hand kills 80% of the virus.

Wash your hands with red soap to destroy any remaining virus.
It prevents the virus from spreading to others.

Avoid touching metal, plastic, or wood because the virus can be alive for a few hours on the surface.

If you can please use alcohol, bleach powder , lysol to clean those things. When you touch the buttons of elevaters and ATM machnines ,door handles please use plastic glows for that. There can be a lot of germs. If you use a pair of glows it will protect you.

The virus is destroyed in a temperature of 27,28 degrees . Drinking hot water will kill the virus.

Avoid cold foods. Garlic submerged in boiling and salted water destroys the germs.

It also prevents the virus from entering the lungs.
You can avoid getting this virus by following these instructions.


  1. I thank my government very much.Effective organziton can control pandimic spread.I sent my best wishes to United States, Italy, and England peole.

  2. I think there are some mistakes in the artical. Lots of media in china say the high temperature cannot kill the virues. We can know this opinion from the experiences in tropical contries which have high temperature and still cannot control the virues spread.

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