This is a condition that many women have. This may indicate conditions such as delay in childbirth and pain in the abdomen. The name endometriosis is derived from the word endometrium. It is the name for the wall inside the womb. Part of the wall of the uterus comes out monthly. We call it monthly menstruation.

The cells of the uterus are located outside the uterus or elsewhere. It’s called endometriosis. Then Women are exposed to various problems. This causes delayed child birth and pain in the abdomen.

Abdominal pain can be managed with medication but not completely cured. If painkillers are not effective, it is best to consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Endometriosis causes adhesions in the abdominal cavity. It sticks to the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes carry the thylin to the uterus. There is a baby embroidery. When the fallopian tubes are blocked, there is no pregnancy.

Also, fertilized ovaries can become infected with the uterus. A laparoscopy should be performed to see if you have the disease correctly.
That is the successful method to check this. Endometriosis is at risk of recurrence. Therefore, laparoscopic surgery helps the patient to heal first. And then there is a chance to pregnant. And the pain also will go away . But it is essential that you control the disease regularly with medication.

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  1. Endometriosis sufferers fight the same illness as the sun and sunflower. That is why the sunflower has symbolized its flower.

  2. Very good article. Important advice. Thank you 😊

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