Trump Administration in the United States

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. Barak Obama handled previous administration of United States and Donald Trump won the representing of Republican Party. By that, Trump administration changed U.S administration and the U.S gets a new face. So, Peoples are more likely to Trump administration.

2016 Election

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton representing the Democratic Party. And also, Trump gets the victory 304 electoral voted comparing with 227 Clinton’s votes. Because of Donald Trump was the successful victory in the presidential election in 2016. Now, we can show Trump’s victory as follows.

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He works as a businessman and reality television personality from New York City. After Trump administration, Trump withdrew from Trans-Pacific Partnership in the United States. After that, Trump issued a controversial executive order denying entry into the United States to citizens of certain countries and withdrew the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Trump Administration

Trump has characterized their staff in high turnover by his administration. In the first year of Trump had resigned 34% of their staff and again Trump reassigned. 43% of senior white house positions had turnover. While his administration, Trump’s Cabinet is as follows.

Trump Administration in 2017

There are some turning points of trump administration as follows. After directing the Barak Obama, Trump more differed in the administration side as well as leadership.

Trump began presidency on 20th January 2017 firstly.

And also, Trump decided to fast track High Priority Infrastructure projects

Trump advised to Department of Homeland Security to build of a new wall on the Mexico United States border

And also, He avoided the position of Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and elevated the Director of National Intelligence and the director of the CIA.

He proposed to increase 10% of $ 54 Billion for military spending.

Also, Trump delivered from his first speech addressing many issues including drug abuse, gang crime, terrorism, infrastructure, foreign trade and the stock market.

In addition to that, He defined the budget and objectives of NASA.

He removed the restrictions of fracking and directed to the Environmental protection Agency to suspend.

Trump donated his first-quarter salary for National Park Service ( $ 78,333.32)

He left James Comey fro his position on FBI Director

Trump withdrew the Paris climate agreement in 2015 from the United States

He announced to modernize and privatize the U.S Air traffic Control System.

Trump attended 2017 G20 Hamburg summit in Germany

He allocated $ 500 million to support domestic production of glass pharmaceutical packaging.

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