Total Quality Management(TQM) in Toyota Motor Company

We can’t talk about Total Quality Management (TQM) without Toyota Motors. Because TQM has closed relationship with Toyota. And also, TQM is a management approach which originated in 1950. As well as, total Quality Management means increasing customer satisfaction through tools, techniques and training.

Toyota Motor co.Ltd had received many awards for quality management. As well as, Toyota is the top company on the quality side. They obtained awards like this.

Deming Application prize in 1965
Japan quality control award in 1970

These awards based on,


Kaizen ( Continuous Improvement)

Total Participation

TQM is mainly focused on customers. And also, Toyota is the origin of TQM. In addition to that, Toyota introduced Statistical Quality Control (SQC) in 1949.

As well as, Toyota TQM system is based on the following factors.

Improve the process

Toyota stops moving workers and they assign workers for responsibility for individual machines. Also, Workers keeps special notes in their machines. According to, workers begin their works over their machines by learning & documenting their findings without engineers. Workers work with various kind of expertise.

Prevent defection

Toyota company can’t look chips and dirt everywhere and They started to sweep, creating, cleaning outsides. And after they clean machines regularly. They created special guards an covers to avoid dirt in machine permanently.

Priorities efforts

And also, they examine irregular machine operating systems. When machine stopped, vibrate the machine previously. But after identifying TQM, it was stopped immediately and found the method for that weakness. In addition to that, In some cases, Toyota redesigned and modified some tools to improve quality.

Developing the cause & effect relationship

Everyone agreed to cause and effect. When we are talking about cost reduction, the cause is increasing the cost and as an effect, they found to reduce the cost.

Quality measurements

Individual departments carried out the checklist to measure the quality. Time to time, they can measure quality and improve it.

Customer satisfaction

Toyota’s main goal is satisfying the customers. By tools, techniques, training & continuous improvements, they expect to satisfy customers.

Their target is car safety & high market. Toyota is the most profitable car manufacturer in the world by a large margin.


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