Thailand Cave Rescue News – Update

The team of 12 boys and their coach went to the cave on 23rd June 2018 at 10.00 at local time (03.00 GMT). Thailand rescuers have begun a mission to leave these 12 boys and their coach. They are trapped for 2 weeks. The boy’s ages are between 11 & 16 years old and the coach is 25 years old. More:

They had spent nine days with little food & light and they were discovered on Monday of this week and there were 2 weeks today itself. Some stretchers is high more than 10m.

Thai navy diver died when he was tried to supply oxygen tanks. Rescuers try to get these boys before the flood. Because suddenly there were happen a flood although it is rain, unfortunately. Rescuers hope to give to these boys,

Full face masks
Install dive lines
Dive bottle with compressed air
Glow sticks to light the path

Thai deputy prime minister Prawit wongsuwan said that rescuers are teaching to swim and dive to those boys because they can’t swim and dive. Now 100 of oxygen tanks have given to help to get air supply. The main danger which faced those boys is rising a flood level.

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