Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Today, is talking about lowland tropical rain forest in Sri Lanka.  Singharaja forest is the world heritage by UNESCO and it is the national park. Singharaja forest located in Southern and Sabaragamu province in Sri Lanka. It surrounded by Napola Dola, Koskulana Ganga (north), Maha dola, Ging ganga (Southwest), the kalukandawa ela, kudawa ganga (west),Beverley tea estate and denuwa kanda (east).

This forest is a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. Singharaja is the tropical rain forest. More than 60% of the trees are endemic trees and others are considered rare. This forest designated a world biosphere reserve in 1978. It becomes a world heritage site in 1988. Singharaja name translates as Lion kingdom.

Mammals and reptiles

The forest is only 21km from east to west and a maximum of 7km from north to south. It includes endemic species such as trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The most common large mammal is the endemic purple-faced langur in singharaja. As well as, reptiles include the endemic green pit viper and hump-nosed vipers. So, there is large variety of amphibians, tree frogs and invertebrates include the endemic common birdwing, butterfly and leeches.

There have been elephants in the part of the singharaja. However, their animals have gone down over time and now there are only few animals on the Rakwana side of Singharaja forest especially in Hadapan ella, Thangamalai, and Deepdene areas.

Squirrels in Singharaja forest

There are a number of species in Singharaja. The two small squirrels as Funambulus Alaverdi and F.sublineatus, one giant squirrel (Ratufa macroura), the smaller flying squirrel (Petynomys fuscocapillus), the badger mongoose (Herpestes vittlcolis), the brown mongoose (Herpestes fuscus), the ring tailed civet (Viverricula indica), the golden palm civet (Paradoxurus zeylonensis) and the porcupine (Hystrix indica), the otter (Lutra lutra) can find in singharaja. But it is rare.

Birds in Singharaja forest

Singharaja has various kinds of birds. It has recorded 147 species. There are many endemic birds such as Ceylon lorikeet, Layard’s parakeet, Ceylon jungle fowl, Spurfowl and Ceylon white-headed stealing etc.

Like this singharaja can see many environmental things such as endemic animals and trees to us. As well as, provides to you about many important and valuable things every day.

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