3 High Profitable Companies

There are most high profitable companies in the world. So also, Profit is the difference between revenue & expenditure. If the company has high revenue more than expenditure, it is profit. Then, today we are talking about 3 high profitable companies.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc is an American multinational technology company and headquarter is situated in Cupertino, California. It provides computer electronics, computer software and online services.

In 2017
Revenue – Us dollars 229.2 billion
Net income – Us dollars 48.4 billion

In 2016
Revenue – Us dollars 215.6 billion
Net income – Us dollars 45.7 billion

There were 123000 employees in 2017. According to these figures, relatively 2016, net income of 2017 increase from Us dollars 2.7 billion & it is 5.9%.
55% of iPhone’s have sold from total products. As well as, it was 46.7 million iPhones. Other 45% are other products of Apple company.
Also, profit was Us dollars 10.7 billion of quarterly on Us dollars 52.6 billion revenue.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)

Exxon is an American multinational oil & gas corporation. Also, it’s headquarters situated in Irving, Texas.

In 2017
Revenue – Us dollars 237.1 billion
Net income – Us dollars 19.71 billion

Also, In 2016
Net income – Us dollars 7.8 billion

As well as, Relatively 2016, net income had increased Us dollars 11.91 billion and It is 151%.
In addition to that, there are 69600 employees in 2017.

Samsung electronics co.Ltd

Samsung is a multinational electronics company and It’s headquarter is situated in Suwon, south Korea.

Also, In 2017
Revenue – Us dollars 224.64 billion
Net income – Us dollars 39.56 billion

As well as, there are 308745 employees in 2017. Also, the Main task of Samsung electronics is the manufacture and distribution of electronic products.

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