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World Population 2018

Population is total human beings. As well as, World population means total number of human beings currently living around the world and it estimated closely 7.6 billion peoples in the world. Global population has increased from 1.8% per year between 1955 and 1975 and increased 2.06% per year between 1965 and 1970. The population growth rate has declined from 1.18% per year between 2000 and 2015. As well as, 21th century, population declined further according to the projects and estimates.

Most populated countries from world population 2018

There are two most populated countries. They are China and India. It is about 36% from world population. Africa is the second most populated country. Their population is 1.28 billion peoples and about 16% from world population. Europe has 742 million peoples and it is about 10% from world population. Europe is third most populated country in 2018 in the world. Oceania is the least populated country and they are 41 million peoples. It is about 0.5% from world population. Most populated countries are as follows.

In 2012, global sex ratio is 1.01 males to I female. It is greater number of men. So also, 26.3% is aged fewer than 15 from global population. Also, 65.9% is age 15-64 years and 65 and over years peoples have 7.9% from global population. As well as, median aged population was 29.7% from global population in 2014. Because of countries hope to increase 37.9% by year 2050.

 Life expectancy of world population

So also, according to world health organization, life expectancy of global population was 70.5 years in 2012. Also, women life expectancy was 73 years and average of men was 68 years. In 2012, British researchers estimated that total weight of world human population is approximately 287 million tones and average of person is 62 kilograms.

According to that, world population can explain as above. So, China and India have most population and it represent high quantity from global population.

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